Helicopter Charter and Contract Services

We conduct air taxi and aerial work operations under the rules of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, with domestic and international charter licenses.  We provide these services with light and intermediate helicopters.  However, with over 30 years in the industry, we can organize support for whatever project you may have, including heavy lift operations.

A few examples the industries that we support are shown below.

Mineral Exploration and Mining

We provide helicopter support to mines and mineral exploration programs in some of Western Canada's most rugged terrain. Our helicopters can move crews, drill rigs, and fly geophysical surveys.


Fire Supression

Our helicopters are equipped with satellite-based flight following systems, satellite phones, FM radios, Bambi buckets, long lines, litter kits, and shoulder harnesses at all seats.  All crew are specially trained in mountain flying and fire suppression work.


Aerial Filming and Photography

We have been involved in many film productions that are set here in the spectacular scenery of northwestern British Columbia. We also have an extensive photo collection to share with groups looking for exotic locations.


Environmental and Engineering

We support crews actively working at sites beyond road access in projects related to engineering studies, environmental programs, and archeological investigations.  Equipment may be transported to remote sites by internal or external load.



From world-class sports fishing on remote rivers to heli-hiking on rugged mountain tops with expansive glacier views, we provide access to some of the most spectacular wilderness in Canada.


Wildlife Surveys

We fly for groups conducting wildlife surveys, including animal counts, tagging, and capture programs, as well as groups involved in ecological and biological studies related to vegetation, animal habitat, and fish species.